Friday, November 04, 2005

Help Desk! Thank you... please come again!

Thought for the day: "If we don't take care of our customer, maybe they'll stop bugging us."

The posting: Ok, I'm not one for calling tech support. But this trend of sending US computer support (among other industries) overseas to faceless middle-eastern call centers who try miserably at passing themselves off as US tech support has got to stop. I mean c'mon, I got a Sam Fransisco the other day... please... Sam Fransisco?

Not only is the call center useless it's just insulting to think that Corporate America thinks I'm that stupid. I know when someone is following a tech support flowchart and reading from a book. I get the same asnwers from my computer's paper manual... even if I read the French or Spanish translated sections in the back. "Ok first, have you rebooted the computer?" Ummmm... DUH!

Then after sitting a queue for two hours to even talk to a person, the end result is they can't help me over the phone and I have to ship my box into service... that or it's some third party software conflict for which they are not responsible. Makes me long for the days of pencil, paper and the good ol' punch cards of the Gizmotronic Brainiac computer.. at least back then it was a simple matter of changing a vaccuum tube every once in a while.

And now for something completely stupid

New from the Al-Qaeda Kid's Club! Our 2005 Junior Jihad Halloween costume line is available. Tired of the same old capitalist-fed boring costumes? Now you can dress up like the hero martyrs of the past. Tired of waiting in lines at the local mall candy runs? Get rid of those long lines! Get noticed and watch people stand back in amazment as you shock and awe them into doing your thing... your way! Get a few of your friends together and start your own Junior Jihad Club. Use that first ammendment right to its fullest. Is it tasteless? Sure it is and that's what makes it great! This costume is sure to get you beaten up which will prepare you for the hardships the American Zionist Infidels have waiting for you. But most of all... it's just fun. You're sure to be the talk of the neighborhood and we guarantee there will be no other costume like yours on the street. Be unique! Stand out from the crowd! Order your Junior Jihad Halloween costume today!

*Cash only, no major credit cards accepted. Seven virgins, god-like abilities and TNT not included. Not responsible for death, maming, or detainment by authorities.


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